VS System 2PCG, Cosmic Avengers

Upper Deck

SKU: 053334914147

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes take to space in this new expansion to Vs. System 2PCG. Add powerful allies like Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Hawkeye to your deck to stand firm against a devastating cosmic threat.

- Introducing an all new story arc for 2019 Vs. System 2PCG!
- This Arc (Infinity War) is based on the fan favorite story line originally told in the pages of Marvel Comics!
- These issues expand on three fan-favorite teams from Vs. System 2PCG : The Marvel Battles
- Harness the power of the Infinity Gauntlet or wield Hawkeye’s unique arrows
- Approximately 3 new Main Characters and 7 new Supporting Characters per Issue!
- Epic competitive gameplay to pit your team of Allies against your opponent’s! Same style of gameplay as previous Marvel Vs. System 2PCG releases-compatible with previous Vs. System 2PCG products
- Each standard Issue comes with 55 playable cards across existing team factions!
- Each player’s Main Character must survive against their opponent’s Main Character to be declared the victor!
- Customize your team with your favorite characters or enhance your existing decks!
- “Low Barrier of Entry” for New Players
- Look for Organized Play Kits to follow





Ages: 14 +
- Players: 2-4
- Playing Time: 30