The Army Painter Kings of War Dwarfs paint Set

The Army Painter

SKU: 258015011880

The Dwarfs paint set has a colour palette that has been designed to enable you to paint any type of dwarf army, including their warmachines and detailed weaponry.


  •  WP1133 Weapon Bronze
  •  WP1231 Bright Gold
  •  WP1127 Tanned Flesh
  •  WP1136 Quickshade Dark Tone Wash
  •  WP1218 Babe Blonde
  •  WP1206 Dirt Spatter
  •  WP1460 Vampire Red
  •  WP1431 Hemp Rope
  •  WP1464 Werewolf Fur
  •  WP1430 Hardened Carapace