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Taluva (Multilingual)

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The Tiles are mixed and placed face down within reach of all. Each player chooses a color and takes the associated pieces. A player is designated first player, the others will play clockwise. In turn the player draws a tile and places it on the table. In doing so, he can extend an existing territory by placing his adjacent tile on at least one side to a tile already laid, or cause a volcanic eruption by crushing tiles already laid. In this case, the volcano of the newly laid tile must be superimposed on the volcano of a tile below, the tile must be superimposed on at least two tiles below, no part of the tile can be in a vacuum , The direction of the lava can not be identical to that of the covered volcano, it is forbidden to cover a temple or tower.


After placing the tile, the player must build huts, a tower or a temple. If he can not do it, he and eliminated it. A hut may only be placed on level 1 on a hex other than a volcano. It is possible to extend an existing village (which extends over one or more hexagons). The player chooses a type of terrain and places a hut on level 1, 2 huts at level 2 and 3 huts on level 3, adjacent to the village. A tower must be adjacent to a hut of the same color but must be Built at level 3. A temple must be adjacent to a village of the same extended color of at least three hexes. When all the tiles are laid, the player who built the most temple is the winner. In case of equality the number of rounds then of huts tie the equal players.

The game ends as soon as a player has succeeded in placing all his buildings of two different types. He wins immediately.




  • Ages: 10+

  • Players: 2-4