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Star Wars Armada, Rebel Assault Frigate Mark II

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The Assault Frigate Mark II Expansion Pack for Star Wars: Armada introduces one fully prepainted Assault Frigate Mark II starship miniature, the largest and most powerful Rebel ship from the game’s first wave. The expansion also includes all the command dials and tokens that you need to bring it to battle, two ship cards that allow you to configure your Assault Frigate Mark II to better fit your fleet, and fourteen upgrade cards that give you the freedom to furtherrefine your ship’s role within your fleet. A Rebel starship expansion for the Star Wars: Armada miniatures game Features one pre-painted Assault Frigate Mark II miniature Two ship cards allow you to outfit your ship to better fit your fleet Fourteen upgrade cards allow you to select your crew, upgrade your armament, and assign your commander


  • Age: 14 and Up
  • Players : 2 +
  • Duration: 2 hours