Risk Captain America Civil War


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It's Captain America vs. Iron Man in the search for the Winter Soldier! Wage an all-out battle at the airport in this exciting updated Risk game. Control the most territories, capture the Winter Soldier, and escape with the Quinjet before it reaches the end of the runway! Choose to play with 2 or 4 players. With 2 players, each player is in control of either Team Captain America (Captain America and Falcon) or Team Iron Man (Iron Man and War Machine). With 4 players, each player is in control of his or her own hero and works in teams of 2. No matter which way of play is chosen, after 5 rounds of excitement and strategy, the game is over, and mission tokens are scored. The team with the most points wins the game!


-Includes airport gameboard, cardboard Quinjet
-  4 hero figures
- Winter Soldier figure
- 144 small troops (four sets),
- 72 large troops (4 sets)
-  4 heads-up-displays (HUDs)
-  3 mission tokens
-  4 breach points
- 20 hero cards
-  5 six-sided dice
- 2 eight-sided dice
-  4 turn-order markers
- 3 mission tokens
-  12 supply tokens
- 22 security gate tokens
-  Winter Soldier reference card
-  5 resealable plastic bags
- Game guide.


  •  Ages: 10+
  • Players: 3 -56