Power Grid Deluxe Europe/North America

Rio Grande Games

SKU: 655132005067

Rio Grande will release a special deluxe version of its popular Power Grid game next month to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Power Grid Deluxe will feature a number of new components while continuing to offer the game's fan-favorite play mechanics.

This deluxe version promises to be bigger than the regular game, literally. The enlarged game board shows all of Europe on one side and all of North America on the other, replacing the USA and Germany in the basic version. New custom wooden pieces represent power generators and resources in thematic shapes. An updated deck of power plants features natural gas, with changes to all of the power plants in the game, while new resource cards will improve the process of refilling resources.

The game mechanics of players buying assets in auctions, speculating on resources, and building networks of power plants are not changed from the original, but a new two-player version called "Against the Trust" will be included in the box.

Players: 2-6
Ages: 13+
Playtime: 90 min