Pokemon Black & White Sticker Book, White Version

Pokemon USA

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Every Pokémon Trainer Has a Favorite Pokémon—Which One Will Stick by Your Side? Find Out with the

Pokémon Mini-Sticker Books!

  • Each Pokémon Mini-Sticker Book contains more than 400 fantastic stickers to collect, trade, and, of course, stick!
  • Plus, each book contains BONUS foil stickers of some of the most popular Pokémon!
  • Best of all, all three Pokémon Mini-Sticker Books contain unique stickers not available in the other two books! Fans who want to collect all of them will want all the books: Pokémon Mini-Sticker Book: Black Edition, Pokémon Mini-Sticker Book: White Edition, and Pokémon Mini-Sticker Book: Victini Edition!