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Marvel Legendary Black Widow Expansion

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The Black Widow returns to Legendary to join the vast pool of amazing Super Heroes!
  • 30th expansion to the vast Legendary Story-Line
  • 5 Heroes! 2 New Masterminds and Villain Groups to watch out for!
  • Players can work both with and against other players to defeat evil!
  • All cards contain original art!
  • Black Widow, Red Guardian, Winter Soldier, and the White Tiger join the fight
    against evil.
  • Requires the Marvel Legendary Core Set to play

Orphaned as a child, Natasha Romanoff has now been raised and trained to become a lethal spy. Joining fan favourite heroes with this 30th Expansion of Legendary filled heroes and villains from decades past.  



- Ages: 14+
- Players: 1-5
- Playtime: 30-60 minutes