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Marvel Battleworld Mega Pack Series 1 Frost Giant Loki (Clearance)

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Pick your favorite Hero, rescue your friends, and win battles to defeat Thanos!

Battleworld is a revolutionary cooperative, expandable, collectible adventure game featuring dozens of characters from all over the Marvel Universe! Players get to crack open the mysterious Thanostones during the course of play to reveal the mystery character inside for a constant sense of surprise and delight! Mega Packs let you jumpstart your collection with six characters: four starting Heroes [including an exclusive Loki (Frost Giant) variant] and two more trapped in Thanostones!

- Unique team-based or solo gameplay allows players to jump into Battleworld right away!
- Collectible characters come with their own game cards for immersive, cooperative play. Collect all the unique powers and abilities!
- Free the mystery character from the “Thanostone.” Each time you crack one open, it’s a surprise!
- Launch series includes 30+ unique characters including rare variants!
- Includes a new Hero ONLY available in this Mega Pack – Loki (Frost Giant)!
- More playability, more engagement, more purchases!


- Age : 6+
- Players: 1-5
- Playtime 20 Minutes