Legendary Encounters Card Sleeves (50 Pack)


SKU: 053334834094


50 Card Sleeves Per Pack

Upper Deck has partnered with Legion Premium Gaming Supplies to bring you Legendary™ card sleeves for the critically acclaimed Legendary encounters Deck Building Game. The quality of Legion Supply sleeves is top notch and attracts industry professionals outside of Upper Deck such as Justin Gary and Brian Kibler to endorse them.

Legion sleeves are awesome- they are the highest quality I have seen in the market- period.
–Justin Gary CEO Stoneblade Entertainment

I use Legion Supplies sleeves exclusively not only on our own products, but as a professional TCG competitor as well. The sleeves are extremely high quality and very durable - they hold up to the extensive shuffling that demo copies of our games endure, and last con after con without needing to be replaced. In TCG tournaments, I frequently find that I have to resleeve my deck midway through an event due to wear when using other brands of sleeves, while with Legion sleeves I can use the same set for multiple tournaments before noticing significant wear. –Brian Kibler