Gravwell, Escape from the 9th dimension

Renegade Game Studios

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After being pulled through a black hole, four spaceships find themselves in a dimension with physics never before encountered and without fuel. By mining and collecting basic elements from the space dust and asteroids in the area, you can muster just enough thrust to move your ship. But in this bizarre dimension, gravity is not working like how you've been taught. Your ship will typically travel towards the nearest object which is usually another ship and those ships are moving. Sometimes forwards, and sometimes backwards. It's a real mind-­-bender!

Time is running out to save your crew and your ship! As a grim reminder of the cost of failing to escape, the frozen hulks of dead spacecraft litter the escape route. But with careful cardplay, you can slingshot past these derelict craft and be the first to escape from the Gravwell!

This easy to learn game uses 26 alphabetized cards to determine movement order and thrust. Most cards move your ship towards the nearest object, but a few move you away from it. During a round, each player will play all of their fuel cards in the order of their choosing. During each phase of a round, each player will choose one card, and then they are revealed and resolved in alphabetical order. When your opponents move in ways you did not expect, you won't always be heading in the direction you thought you would! Each player holds a once per round only Emergency Stop card that they may tactically play to avoid such a situation. Once will rarely be enough!

Collect fuel cards by drafting them! Different elements produce varying amounts of thrust, so you can plan your moves several phases ahead. But each player is dealt two face-­down fuel cards each round, so you won't have perfect knowledge of which opponents are holding what cards. Based on the cards you are dealt, you will know what kind of cards you will need to draft. Sometimes movement order is more important than thrust strength. It all comes down to player choice and the ability to adapt to the constant changes going on all around you.

Gravwell is an adventure that is out of this world!

Award Winning Game:
2014 Mensa Select Award
2013 Dice Hate Me Game of the Year
2013 Golden Geek Nominee
The Dice Tower Seal of Approval

1 Game Board
30 Game Cards
6 Spaceship Miniatures
1 Round Tracking Token
1 Rulebook

Players:: 1-4
Ages: 15+
Playtime: 20-35 min