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Gobi Board Game (Multilingual) (Clearance)

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A huge sandstorm divided the nomadic tribes of the Gobi desert! As caravan drivers, your task is to help nomads get together. They will be very grateful and will give you gifts and blessings.

Gobi is a fluid game of laying tiles and building roads. Prepare for skillful moves and win the most silk, fragrance and spice.
-Place a deserted tile.
-Ask camels.
- Connect the tribes.
-Win wonderful gifts.

In turn, players place a tile, then place camels on the adjacent tiles. Each tile contains a tribe name. Once a camel route connects two tiles with the same name, the player chooses a gift giving victory points and a power to use later in the game. A route of five or more camels gives access to Coffee, a special gift. The game ends when all the tiles have been played.




- Age : 10+

- Players : 2-4

- Playtime: 15 minutes