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Friedemann Friese Futuropia (Clearance)

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In Futuropia, players live in a future utopian society where robots do nearly everything, and the focus is on creating more leisure time.

You are members of a team striving to realize this utopian ideal. You try to develop completely self-sustaining homes, which function as efficiently as possible. They must generate enough food and energy to allow the residents the greatest possible freedom (thus, leisure time). The more people in your development who no longer need to work, the closer you are to reaching the goal! The player who builds the best development will win the game, and their development will become reality!

Futuropia is a luck-free economic game by the renowned Friedemann Friese (Power Grid). Multiple game setup variations ensure new experiences and replayability. The solo game offers you an option to learn the mechanisms and processes of Futuropia, before you play it with other players.




Ages: 12 +
- Players: 1 - 12 
- Playing Time: 90 Minutes