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Force of Will, Battle for Attoractia Booster pack

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The Journey of Destiny:

Alice's showdown with Lapis for the fate of Attoractia, the World of the Seven Kings, reaches its climax! However, has she truly tamed the shadow within herself? Can she hope to win against an enemy who has conquered her own home? Glorians defend their homes from the invading darkness, as their sleeping princess finally awakens to join them. The people of Certo and Shangri-La alike, rejoice in new leadership. In the forests of Sissei, Pricia returns triumphant, her revenge or exacted. Yet the creeping, plotting voice of Valentina lingers ever still in her mind...And as the world crumbles, collapsing on it self, the memories of lost heroes return. The memories of fateful encounters, would be conquerors, intrepid inventors, soaring skies, and boundless love. The final chapter draws near; can Alice and Kaguya save the world?

- Common and Uncommon cards have two varients, Normal and Foil
- Rare and Special Rare cards have three varients, Normal, Foil, and Super Foil
- Ruler cards have two varients, Foil and Super Foil

This booster set brings a whole new dimension to the game!!


-10 cards per pack 
-1 booster pack