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Flick 'em Up!: Giant Edition (EN)

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Move over! There's a new sheriff in town! Flick 'em Up! – Giant Edition more than doubles the scale from the classic dexterity game Flick 'em Up! Players will be able to relieve the great Western adventure on an epic scale!

Experienced Flick 'em Up! players will immediately recognize the same great gaming elements you're used to, but now on a larger scale! Both new and old players will immediately appreciate the greatly enhanced gameplay due to the larger play surface and components. Further, the components lend themselves to a more accurate representation of one's skill — the size of the pieces serve as a more natural extension for the player.

Flick 'em Up! – Giant Edition comes packaged in a gorgeous leather suitcase tailored to hold all the game's components.


  • Age :7+
  • Time : 30-45 min
  • Number of players : 2-6