Fantahzee Rogue's Gallery Expansion

AEG Games

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New treasures, gems of power, a new hero group, and even a new type of card all expand the ways to play Fantahzee.

The town of Devil's Burden is still under attack, and even more monsters are pouring in! Ingenious goblins and cunning trolls, led by the mighty troll king, are now laying devious traps all over the town to hamper the stalwart defenders.

It is time to call for reinforcements - the long-time secret society within Devil's Burden: the Rogues' Guilds.

*Base game required.


20 Trap Cards
- 33 Hero Deck Cards (25 Rogue Heroes, 8 Actions)
- 21 Horde Deck Cards (10 Level 1 Monsters, 10 Level 2 Monsters, 1 Boss Monster)
- 18 Treasure Cards
- 1 Rulebook


  • Ages: 14+

  • Players: 2-5

  • Playing Time: 20-40 minutes