Fallout: The Prydwen Die-Cast Ship


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This new Prydwen model ship showcases the very first post-War airship constructed by the Brotherhood of Steel. The Prydwen was named for the legendary ship of King Arthur – a fitting title, given the Brotherhood's knightly ideals. A 40,000 ton nuclear-powered airborne headquarters, the Prydwen sports a medical bay, mess hall, armory, and living quarters – everything needed to mobilize an entire division of the Brotherhood of Steel.

Though it does not carry weapons of its own, the Prydwen’s flight deck plays host to a fleet of Vertibirds, each capable of launching their own airborne assault. In Fallout 4, its mere arrival at Boston Airport marks a massive shift in the power balance of the Commonwealth.

Helmed by the ambitious young Elder Maxson, the Prydwen will allow the Brotherhood to extend its influence across the wasteland… unless the Sole Survivor hatches a plan to destroy it.

Product features:

• 8.6 inches long
• Made from Die-cast Metal and ABS Plastic to ensure high-quality accuracy
• This intricate Prydwen model ship is a fantastic gift for any Fallout game series fan!