Curios (Clearance)

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You are a rogue archaeologist, traveling the world for history's lost artifacts.But the market for artifacts can shift like the rains of Africa: One minute, treasures from a lost pharaoh's pyramid are all the rage with collectors, and the next minute religious artifacts discovered in a remote temple are what's in demand.

In Curios, players acquire artifacts from various treasure sites without knowing their worth. Using the cards in your hand and those revealed by the others, you can deduce the possible value of your artifacts, allowing you to focus your efforts on the more profitable ventures.

Curios is a game of worker placement, deduction, and bluffing like no other. This simple and intuitive game is quick to learn and even quicker to play!



- 4 Treasure Site Cards
- 16 Market Cards
- 56 Plastic Gems
- 35 Archaeologist Pawns
- 1 First Player Token



  •  Ages: 14+
  • Players: 2-5
  • Playing Time: 15 minutes