Color Tops Destiny #25-30, Lord Saladin 10"

Mcfarlane Toys

SKU: 787926130065

Destiny is a first-person action shooter that features cinematics storytelling alongside cooperative and competitive gameplay. Players create a unique character and Become Legend through completing a series of shared activities in a social world. Destiny has entertained a legion of more than 30 million players since its initial release in September 2014.


- Spectacular likeness of Lord Saladin modeled from in-game 3D models
- Articulated Lord Saladin figure including alternate helmetless head
- Figure features detailed cloth cape
- Figure comes with a 9-inch Relic Axe and Jolder's Hammer Machine Gun accessories
- Figure displayed in Destiny themed window box packaging

The last of the Iron Lords, Lord Saladin is a legendary hero who defended humanity from the SIVA virus long ago by sealing it away. After the events of the Taken War, the Fallen House of Devils unearth the sealed SIVA virus and begin to harness its powers. Donning his mantle once more, Lord Saladin began seeking out Guardians to form a new generation of Iron Lords to end the SIVA threat once and for all.