Boss Monster, The Dungeon Building Card Game

Brotherwise Games

SKU: 856934004009

Inspired by classic video games, Boss Monster challenges you to become a villain, build a dungeon, lure in adventurers, and destroy them!

Boss Monster is a standalone card game that challenges 2-4 players to become videogame-style villains and build deadly side-scrolling dungeons. Players compete to see who can lure in and destroy the most adventurers. But beware! You must make your dungeon as deadly as it is attractive, or the puny heroes might kill you first!

Independent publisher Brotherwise Games launched Boss Monster via crowdfunding site, where it raised $215,000 in pre-orders within 30 days. Since its US launch in July 2013, Boss Monster has sold over 25,000 units!

Now being printed by Cartamundi USA, the newly revised edition of Boss Monster is ready to rake your game store by storm with a simplified rulebook, a new quickstart guide, and larger card text. Order now so your customers can find out who has what it takes to become the Ultimate Boss Monster!


  • 155 full colour cards
  • 1 quickstart sheet
  • 24 pg rulebook

    Players: 2-4
    Ages: 13+
    Playtime: 30 min