Aegis Board Game

Zephyr Workshop

SKU: 739992013261

AEGIS is a fast and furious tactics game where players command a team of five combining robots. Using synergy and tactics, destroy your opponents robots! Perform attacks and unite their bodies together into immensely powerful forms to claim victory! A perfect game for wargame newcomers and veterans alike!

The world of Sigaea is caught in a giant robot war! It's up to you to command your robots to victory!

- BUILD YOUR 5-BOT TEAM from five different robot Classes: Assault, Evasive, Guard, Intel and Support!
- FIGHT HEAD TO HEAD in less than 30 minutes!
- MOVE TACTICALLY as your robots share energy with each other!
- INTUITIVE COMBAT using single- digit numbers and six-sided dice!
- COMBINE your bots together during combat into more powerful forms!
- ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES as you fight with over 100 unique robots across six game modes, includ- ing drafting and objective control modes!



- Age : 14+
- Players : 2-4
- Playtime: 25-60 min