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Welcome to New Las Vegas Board Game (Multilingual)

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In "Welcome to New Las Vegas", you will have to build a new city, with its Casinos, its hotels, its golf courses, its performance halls, its streets and its avenues.

In this independent suite, everyone plays at the same time, with the same draw of cards. It is then a question of cleverly combining the numbers of the Casinos and the associated actions to become the or the greatest architect of tomorrow. You will have to watch your opponents, get money from the bank and the mafia while trying to avoid bankruptcy, while hurrying to open Casinos and Hotels to attract luck and tourists. The independent sequel to the game "Welcome To" in a new world, where to bet is to win! Simple and familiar mechanics More choices, interactions and risk-taking An original solo mode, against an I.A.




  • Ages: 10+

  • Players: 1-50

  • Playtime: 35 minutes