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Pathfinder - Level 20

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Here you are, minding your own business with some of your best friends, enjoying the leftover scraps buried in the filth of your cave, when you hear a human curse as they knock some rocks free. Hopeful that this newcomer will mean an opportunity for new delicacies, you creep over to the entrance of the cave. And then you hear the most terrifying words you've ever heard. Words spoken of in legend. You thought they were just a myth to scare young kobolds into obedience.

In LEVEL 80, the players take on the role of kobolds in their den, scampering away from a fighter who only needs five XP to hit level 20. Your goal is to not be the kobold at the end of the fighter's sword! RDIS to Gallifrey and prevent Davros from completing his master plan.



  •  Ages: 10+
  • Players: 2-6
  • Playing Time: 20-30 minutes